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Where We Began


Early September 2018, we acquired Tillamook River RV Park.

This gorgeous park sits right in between the Tillamook and Trask Rivers and boasts some of the most beautiful greenery. During our research we stumbled upon this sweet video filmed back in 2015.


Here’s a little history about where we began.

Tillamook Coast RV Park started as a small family RV park and fishing lodge called the Big Barn Marina and RV Park. That park was sold and as a result, renamed Tillamook River RV Park. After many years of priceless family memories; we are proud to carry on the tradition with the newly purchased and reopened Tillamook Coast RV Park.

We are proud of keeping the history of Tillamook County alive. After all, we are an historical destination for the original Hwy 131 bridge that used to connect Tillamook to Oceanside, as well as the ending point for the old county McKinley Moorage Road. In addition, our outdoor kitchen carries the McKinley Moorage namesake!

Our beautiful protected estuaries and incredible wildlife are all far away from the hustle and bustle of large parks, cities and traffic. Come do a little fishing, beach-combing and kayaking or more importantly, just take some time for yourself and relax on your own private island. Welcome to Tillamook Coast RV Park!

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