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RV Maintenance when you have sore joints.

How do you get around maintenance on your RV when you have arthritis or sore joints?

I have battled severe RA and very sore joints for a little over 20 years; during this time I have developed a few standard go to RV maintenance hacks and found some products that I would like to share with you.

Lets get started.

The first thing you need to do is get a good folding step stool, they take up about an inch of space in the RV when folded and it is much easier to pull that out for a little help getting up off the floor.

Invest in some good sturdy knee pads

Get someone to help you with the “ground work”

Invest in one of these little fellas – all electric jack

I use a garden bench for anything that requires sitting for a prolonged period of time, the handles make standing easier and the side pockets hold all my tools.

Oil filter pliers,  I use them to get the black cap and hose connectors on/off. I can do this now with out getting on the ground.

I have a hard time reaching things sometimes. Here is the grabber that I use, its great for short people and the mechanic dolly that I use to haul everything around.

I keep a foam pad on each side of the RV. One in the drivers side compartment with the hose connections and the other in the basement compartment where my outdoor mats are. That one is there for when I check the PSI in the tires.

The last thing to remember is this,

Take your time with everything, do not put pressure on yourself to get something done in a hurry. Tired achy joints are part of life unfortunately. With a little self love, great tools and help from friends you can achieve anything you set out to do.

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